15 Things You’ll Understand If You Went To Jewish Summer Camp

1. You still find socks around your house that have your name written on them

2. …or your camp friend’s names

3. You’re an expert at changing lyrics of any song

4. Bug juice isn’t just a drink, it’s a lifestyle

5. Nothing was better than those Friday night photo shoots before services

6. The thought of receiving a Shabbat-o-Gram from your crush still makes your heart race

7. But don’t forget about those camp goggles which made everyone a “10”

8. You have way too many autographed pillows in storage

shocked guy

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9. Your competitive spirit can be attributed to years of color war (or maccabia…)

10. Camp time is real. Two months feels like an eternity

11. And “I live ten months for two”

12. Israeli dancing was cool way before Zumba


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13. Candy smuggler should probably be listed on your resume

14. You will never cry more than you did on the last day of camp…

15. …because your camp friends are your family!