15 Deeply Satisfying Yiddish Insults You Gotta Start Using Right Now

Warning: contains lots of chutzpah!

1. “Abi gezunt dos leben ken men zikh ale mol nemen.” – Stay healthy, because you can kill yourself later.

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2.  “Zolst es shtipin in toches!” – Shove it up your… tush

3. “Lign in drerd un bakn beygl!” – May you go to hell where you bake bagels you can’t eat!

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4. “Nem Zich a vaneh!” – Go jump in the lake!

5. “Geh tren zikh.” – Go screw yourself.

6. “Kush meer in toches!” – Kiss my tush.

7. “Ale tseyn zoln bay im aroysfaln, not eyner zol im blaybn oyf tsonveytung.” – May all your teeth fall out, except one that will make you suffer.

8. “Zolst hobn tsen haizer, yeder hoiz zol hobn tsen tsimern, in yeder tsimer zoln zain tsen betn un zolst zij kaiklen fun ein bet in der tsweiter mit cadojes!” – I wish you to have ten houses, each house with ten rooms, each room with ten beds and you should roll from one bed to the other with cholera!

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9. “Ven di veib trogt di hoizen, vasht der man di spodnitsen.” – When the wife wears the pants, the husband washes the floor.

10. “Vahksin zuls du vi a tsibeleh, mitten kup in drerd!” – May you grow like an onion, with your head in the ground!

11. “Zol makekhs vaksen offen tsung!” –  May pimples grow on your tongue!

12. “Sie haut gevain a courva in de momma’s bouch.” – You were a whore in yo mommas belly.

13. “Gey strashe di gens” – Go threaten the geese

14. “Geh mit dein kop in drerd” – Go stick your head in the mud


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15. “Ain mol a saichel, dos tsvaiteh mol chain, dem dritten mol git men in di tsain.” – The first time it’s smart, the second time it’s cute, the third time you get a sock in the teeth.