Seth Rogen Tells Jimmy Fallon Why He Still Holds A Grudge Against Seinfeld

“His Jewish parents should be ashamed.”

Seth Rogen talks about the time when he was just 14 years old and had to perform stand up comedy right after the legendary Jerry Seinfeld. This was when he was auditioning for the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in LA.

seth rogen seinfeld

Moments before Seth was about to go on stage, he was told that Seinfeld would be going up before him. Can you imagine?!

Seinfeld’s hilarious act was about “missing socks, what’s the deal with airplane foods… the hits,” Seth told Jimmy Fallon. Seth knew he was in trouble.

“Till this date it is the most comedically traumatizing experience of  my entire life.”

Poor 14-year-old Seth Rogen had no choice but to follow up Seinfeld only to fall flat on his face. “Never has a room full of people been this silent.”

Seth joked about Seinfeld’s Porsche, about which he said, “his Jewish parents should be ashamed”.

“Till this day I personally dislike Jerry Seinfeld.”