15 GIFs That Will Remind You Why Seinfeld Is The Best Show Ever Made

1. When George’s insults were too cringe-worthy to handle

george jerk store

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2. And when he got caught double-dipping


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3. Which an obnoxious by-stander just couldn’t handle

double dip lesson

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4. Even the soup nazi wasn’t a fan of George when he dared to ask for bread

no soup for you

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5. And Jerry Seinfeld has some haters too

bad man jerry

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6. When Elaine was the worst dancer we have ever seen

elaine dancing

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7. But she perfectly summed up how so many women feel

8. When a Jewish singles event ended up a complete disaster

jewish singles

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9. When Jerry and his girlfriend displayed the most annoying PDA ever


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10. When George was owning it

working it

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11. Even though him and Kramer didn’t always get along

kramer george

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12. And even though things weren’t always so exciting

dullest moment

13. And the cast even looked bored at times

14. It was still the best show ever


15. That’s all we got to say