12 Things That Happen At Every Rosh Hashanah Meal

1. Everyone tries (and fails) to blow the Shofar

2. Someone thinks it’s funny to eat the fish head’s eyeball

3. And someone else tries to count the pomegranate seeds

4. But gives up after losing count

5. Your biggest hope for the evening is that there’s good food

6. You over-do it with the apples & honey

7. And literally everything gets sticky

8. Even your hair (which will take you forever to get off)

9. The challah gets dipped in honey and it’s gooood

10. A family member tries to offer you some life advice


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11. And someone gives a long speech without ever getting to the point


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12. But you don’t care, because with a full belly – you’re ready to face the new year! (5777 = the Jewish new year)


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